Watch Hot Malayalam Movie 'Kalluvathilkal Kathreena' Online

Watch Hot Malayalam Movie 'Kalluvathilkal Kathreena' Online

 Hot Malayalam Movie 'Kalluvathilkal Kathreena' Watch Online

Watch Hot Malayalam Mallu Movie 'Kalluvathilkal Kathreena' Online

Movie - Kalluvathilkal Kathreena
Language - Malayalam

Kalluvathilkal Kathreena is full length Hot Malayalam movie. Watch free online hot adult Malayalam Movie Kalluvathilkal Kathreena from hot youtube movies channel, also you can Hot Malayalam Movie Kalluvathilkal Kathreena hot 3gp mobile movie video in mobile phone, iPhone, Androids download.

This is Malayalam full movie "Kalluvathukkal Katreena" (2001) is a romantic & dramatic Malayalam Movie. Directed by A.T. Joy. Starring Shakeela, Sajini, Mohanachandran & Others.

The movie is all about the consequences and issues about the habit of Liquor Drinking. Although there are some other movies also handled the same subject, this movie has handled with a little romance.In the story the main thread is Katreena, who is dealing the liquor business in a vast scale. She is very influential in all aspects of the society.

She got many helping hands too. Mathachan and Katreena are so called partners. Katreena had a well packed girl stuff, which she used to handle the auhorities and officials of excise department. Joseph & Sahadevan are working in a metal quarry. Joseph has two daughters Jessi & Sussi.Where as Susi & Sahadevan are in affair. Also Jessi is in affair with her college mate and mathachan's son Johny. Johny was a cunning man. Ramabhadran is the sub in specter of police who is a watch dog of Katreena. Maniyan is the helping & supporting hand of Katreena as well as Mathachan. Movie starts with the snap from katreena's Toddy shop in her home.

She is selling un purified liquor which is dangerous to helth. But people coming in the temptation of her.Joseph is also a drinker. Johnikutty manages Susi to be available for their drama program in college. Ramalingachettiyar, Katreena & Mathchan plans to start a Star hotel in the mining place. For Chettiyar Katreena traps Jessi with the help of Johnhy..

Jessi gets murdered. Ramabhadran arrests Sahadevan as accused. But he gets bail. Sahadevan realizes the true murder. He & Susi decides to bring down those all criminals. Meanwhile Joseph dies after drinking poisnous liquor. Susi joins as the P.A of Mathachan.Susi manages Mani to be in her side. Susi takes her revenge step by step.

Sahadevan kills Johny with the help of Susi. What may be the climax? Will Katreena & Mathachan get Punishment? How about Susi & Shadevan? For all answers switch to full movie. Brought to you by Hot N Sour Entertainment Company.

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