Watch Hot Hindi Movie "Ek Bindaas Aunty" Online

Watch Hot Hindi Movie Ek Bindaas Aunty Online

Watch Ek Bindaas Aunty Hot Hindi Movie Online

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Movie - "Ek Bindaas Aunty" (Hot Movie)
Language - Hindi

"Ek Bindaas Aunty" is full length Hindi hot film story of Swati Verma starring Ek Bindaas Aunty is about the romantic paths that arise unexpectedly in our lives. The movie starts with a Family sketch. Harish's mother had died when he was born. His father feels disappointed for him. His grandmother takes care of him.

He grows up and he completes his schools with good marks. Now he is pursuing his BCA. All things goes good until Nirmala arrives. Nirmala is a rich woman whose husband is working abroad. She is font off with Men because she is not getting what she want from her husband.

Nirmala and Harish gets close. You may see many romantic snaps through which Nirmala seducing Harish. Harish starts skipping from his morality. He thinks every woman is like Nirmala. He tries to go on with all woman he gets close. At last he fell in love with a girl, her words open his eyes. This arouses Nirmala's envy and she sends criminals to attack him. He gets in to hospital. What will happen to Harish in climax?? Will he get a new life?.

There is a turn in the plot when two young men enter their lives and offer their private minutes for brisk bucks. Watch this motion picture to know, what slaughters the characters of this story and the terrible end to this story.

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